Honoring the Individual

Aging is not an illness. Through an innovative approach to care we call conscious aging, we work with each person, their loved ones and their health providers to create days that meet residents where they are while continuing to cultivate their physical, mental, spiritual and emotional well-being.

Creating a better quality of life for our residents drives every decision we make at Living Well Communities. Because we are a non-profit organization, we are able to put all of our resources back into bettering our residential buildings, activities, events, outings, staff and our food program.

Active Living

Regular physical activity benefits not only the body but also mental and emotional well-being. We believe in setting realistic goals for our residents while supporting and encouraging them to achieve them. Our residents have the opportunity to explore yoga, strength training, and walking in the neighborhoods, among other activities.

Staying Connected

Remaining part of the community is essential to vibrant living at any age. By creating supportive communities inside the residences as well as reaching out in a variety of ways to the larger community, our residents stay connected while greatly benefiting from a foundation of support that helps them thrive.

Our incredible group of volunteers, community members and local businesses provide ongoing support and a variety of activities for our residents inside and outside of our buildings.

Engaging the Mind

Mental stimulation as we age is imperative to staying sharp, active, and open to continued learning. We offer a variety of activities for our residents to remain active in fostering their mental health including many that center on self-expression through creative arts. Some of those activities include music, movement, painting and crafts.

Health & Wellness

We are committed to offering healthy, delicious options based on whole foods that include items from our on-site resident-and-volunteer-tended vegetable gardens as well as locally-sourced fruits, vegetables and proteins whenever we can.

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