Resident Spotlight: Florence Parks

Florence Parks grew up on a farm in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. Here, she reminisces about taking part in farm life as a child.

“I grew up with a lot of brothers and sisters. One of my brothers was quite strict, so for the most part we were well-behaved. We lived on a small farm and had some chores, though not as many as some other children. I remember milking cows. My father used to give me good instructions on how to properly milk cows.
My mother also had chickens. Some of them pecked at you, so you had to be careful when you went into the chicken coop. We also had a pig. He was always going around grunting. He used to get out and wander around the farm, so we had to make sure he stayed in his pen. He was a big pig and us children took care of him.
My favorite chore was picking apples at my grandma’s. There was an orchard with a big stonewall around it to keep the cows out. When the apples were ripe, we got to go to her house and help pick them off the trees. She let us eat some as we picked, a few before, and a few after. They were always so delicious, and it was a fun job.”

What our staff says about Florence:

“Florence loves to giggle. When she’s happy, everyone else is happy too.”- Malik Kirkland

“Florence is a cuddle bug, and she cheers me up with her smile and laughter.”- Avery Walters

“She always laughs and smiles! She really is a very nice lady.”- Queen Dgimba

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