Heaton Woods Residence Staff Receive Multiple Vermont Health Care Association Awards

Montpelier, Vermont-October 12, 2018- Montpelier’s own Heaton Woods Residence was honored with two Vermont Health Care Association Awards this fall. The VHCA is a major association committed to advocating for high quality long-term care services to older Vermonters and the communities that support them. The VHCA is an advocate for quality care and collaboration between Vermont’s residential care, nursing, and long-term care communities. Hope Ann Ferris and Jeff Richardson represented Heaton Woods Residence and the operating nonprofit, Living Well Group, at the awards ceremony on September 25th at the VHCA’s Annual Conference at the Killington Grand Hotel.

Residential Care Laundress of the Year

Hope Ann Ferris has worked at Heaton Woods Residence for 10 years in the Laundry Department. The care she takes with the residents’ clothes is palpable when talking to Heaton Woods staff and residents. Nancy Butryman, building Administrator and Director of Nursing at Heaton Woods, praised Hope’s work ethic and her relationship with the residents, saying, “residents know that their belongings are in great hands… [she] uses her time putting residents’ clothing away to spend time talking with them.”  Heaton Woods staff and residents have become accustomed to her positive, gentle demeanor through the years and look forward to seeing her smiling and humming as she pulls laundry baskets behind her down the halls. Butryman adds, “one can’t help but smile when you watch her at work, gliding through the halls with the laundry baskets in tow.” Hope’s attentiveness to her work is not limited to her laundry duties, as she consistently helps staff with other tasks around the building throughout the day. Her exceptional work ethic and pleasant attitude make Hope an integral part of the Heaton Woods family.

Residential Care Maintenance Director of the Year

Jeff Richardson has worked as the Maintenance Director at Heaton Woods Residence for six years, overseeing the Housekeeping, Laundry, and Maintenance Departments. Jeff has overseen recent construction projects at the residence and made it a priority to keep all staff, residents, family members, and visitors updated. His skills are not limited to hands-on repairs. Jeff is kind, caring, thoughtful, patient, and gentle with all the residents at Heaton Woods. They trust him not only as a maintenance professional, but also as a loving human being. Jeff is known to sit down with residents before working on projects that might impact them, explaining to them his repair process and why he needs to momentarily intrude. When working on a project or simply walking the halls, Jeff usually has a resident tagging along to help while they keep each other company. He truly is an irreplaceable staff member at Heaton Woods.

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