Volunteerism at Living Well Group

The power of our communities is limitless. At each of our three Living Well Group campuses, we open our doors to community members who volunteer their time and efforts in meaningful and creative ways. Volunteers help us fulfill our mission to sustain vitality and create conscious community through whole-person elder care. What are volunteers doing Read More…

A Better Way to Look at Aging

In this country, aging is viewed far more negatively than in other countries. As a society we believe aging is something to be feared, instead of understanding it as a normal life process that we all share. We tend to blame individuals for their aging-associated challenges, saying things like, “If only he had started saving for Read More…

Resident Spotlight: Florence Parks

Florence Parks grew up on a farm in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. Here, she reminisces about taking part in farm life as a child. “I grew up with a lot of brothers and sisters. One of my brothers was quite strict, so for the most part we were well-behaved. We lived on a small farm and Read More…

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