Resident Spotlight: Hilly Bolsterle

“I was born in Brooklyn, and then my family moved to Roselle Park, New Jersey, so most of my childhood was in New Jersey. It was a small, but nice place to grow up in with not too many people. I grew up with one sister who was just a little bit older than I was.

My sister and I liked to roller skate when we were kids. We didn’t go to the movies very often, but every once in a while we would and we liked that too. I loved reading, and playing the piano, and playing board games. We also had good radio programs in those days, which I loved to listen to. We always had cats and dogs growing up.

I came to Vermont on a whim. My husband and I were living in New Jersey, but he didn’t like the job he was at, and I guess I didn’t like mine either, so we just got the crazy notion to move somewhere. We saw an article in the Herald Tribune that said there was cheap property in Vermont. I knew nothing about Vermont at the time. We ended up living in Bridport initially. Even though it was all new, we didn’t regret it. It was an adventure!

We ended up moving from Bridport to Burlington, as my husband started college at UVM and it was closer. We also wanted to live where more people were. I worked at UVM as a secretary, in the days before computers. I was mostly a typist, and I did that for 18 years. Eventually computers showed up in the office and my typing wasn’t needed. I worked in the Psychology department, and really enjoyed it. I never had a boring day!

My husband and I adopted two children. Our daughter still works and is retiring soon. Our son retired and moved into our house, helping to take care of my husband and I until I needed to move to a facility with more nursing help.

If I could give one piece of advice to someone moving into a facility like this, it would be to get used to things being different and to get used to change. I was in another facility before this, and they did some things differently. No matter what, each place you go has some things that are good there. It’s best to stay positive.”

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