Resident Spotlight- Sig Samuelsen



“I was born in Brooklyn, New York. I would take the ferry for a nickel and cross over to Manhattan and go to high school there. The same place I went to school, kids today keep a revolver hidden inside their 3-ring binder in case they needed to keep themselves safe.

Growing up, I had a younger sister, Linda. As a family, we went cross country skiing. One time, Maria Von Trapp was on the trail we were on and we stopped and talked to her.

I met Ingrid because our parents were both friends in Norway. When Ingrid’s family moved over to the US to find a better life, we met. We adopted two children when we were living over in New York for a while. We always wanted a boy and a girl, and we made a nice family here in Vermont. We initially came to Vermont because of my job at IBM. I worked there for 27 years.

We had a big Collie and a little miniature poodle. They would lay on the couch together, and the big dog would hold the poodle in its paws.

I used to like making model airplanes, and riding my snowmobile on Lake George out on a cold day. Going 60-70 miles per hour on a frozen lake was really fun!

Here at the residence, I like chatting with the staff and my neighbors, and also spending time outside on the swing. Summers are the best here!”

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