Resident Spotlight: Suzanne Leavitt

“I grew up in North Troy, Vermont. I also lived in Rochester, Vermont with my ex husband. My son, Scott, and my daughter, Deb were both born there.

But, we left Vermont for a while and moved to Ridgeway, Pennsylvania. My ex-husband was a veneer engineer, and got a job down there, as they had just begun making veneer doors. My husband was a hunter and a fisherman, and there was nowhere to do that in the area we lived. So we didn’t stay in Pennsylvania for very long.

We moved to Munising, Michigan. That was lovely. There was a lot to do outdoors there, and it was beautiful. We stayed in Michigan for 18 years, so we made lots of friends. My daughter liked it there, but my son didn’t. He moved to Maine and graduated from the University of Maine in Orono. He still lives in Maine today, and said he’ll never leave!

I got divorced, and my parents were retired in their home in Vermont, and my mother had cancer. So I moved back to Vermont. I helped supervise my mom’s care, and got to spend a lot of time with her.

I worked with folks that were mentally and physically challenged. I coordinated day programs for them. I found an old building and renovated it and started a day program, which I managed. It was wonderful work.

I met my husband Henry unexpectedly. I had a condo, and the lady that lived next to me said one day, “Do you like to dance? Henry Gerard likes to go over to NY State and dance. There’s a potluck.” So, the three of us went together, and another gentlemen joined us. That gentleman and my neighbors ended up being dance partners, and Henry and I became partners. We danced the night away to country and western music.

Henry’s grandpa knew of a small farm with a beautiful spring and plot of land in the back , so we went to check it out. It was lovely, with a great view of Jay Peak in Westfield on Route 100. We built a house there. Henry had a boat to go fishing out on Lake Champlain, which was fun.

My daughter went to Castleton University and got her RN there. She now lives in Essex. My son has a daughter, Amy. She married a man named Steffan, and so I now have a great-granddaughter named Brooke.

I am grateful to live in the electronic era, as I love my iPad and cell phone. I also love to cook! I collect cookbooks, including some really old ones. I even have one that was printed in the 1800’s.”

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