Resident Spotlight: Viola Kohn

“I grew up in Schenectady and Albany, New York. We had a small family. I had one older sister, and she passed away when we were adults.

We had a German shepherd. He was a lovely doggie. When I was very young, my family moved to the Burlington area in Vermont.

My first job was in the engineering office at General Electric. I did drawings of the machinery. It was a very good job.

While I was working there, I met my husband. We had two children, a girl and a boy. It was nice to have one of each. They are all grown up.

I like it when my friend comes to visit me at Ethan Allen Residence. There are a lot of nice people here, too.”


What our staff says about Viola:

“Viola is a great addition to Ethan Allen Residence. She’s always up for any activity and we love having her around.” -Ali Gauthier, Activities Coordinator

“Viola is very kind. She has a sharp wit and is great to talk to.” -Mary Mougey, Administrator

“When I first met Viola, she was so sweet to me. I’m glad she’s at the residence so I can visit her when I stop in.” -Chloe Marchand, Communications and Outreach Coordinator

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